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Displacements for all sites

We provide 3-D (North, East & Up) displacements in millimeters for about 7500 sites worldwide (Figure 1) due to:

Loading estimates (in millimeters) are provided in the Center-of-Mass (CM) & Center-of-Figure (CF) reference frames.

We use different land/sea mask models depending on the loading computations; for ECMWF products (operational or reanalysis), we use one with a 0.10-degree resolution, for the others (ECCO, GLORYS, GLDAS & MERRA), we use a 0.25-degree mask. Both of them are derived from the GMT (Generic Mapping Tools) database.

Figure 1: Location of the sites; the names & coordinates can be found here

Please drag the map to see eastern, western, northern and southern sites

Careful: As TUGO-m model is forced not only by atmospheric pressure but also by surface winds, loading estimates from classical ocean general circulation model (such as ECCO) should not be added to the (ECMWF+TUGO-m) loading computations.