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Version 1.0

The following products can be found in these different directories under http://loading.u-strasbg.fr/V1.0/

APLO, AGRA and HGRA directories are also sub-divided into the different ECMWF models used:

APLO/AGRA/HGRA products computed with the operational model are usually made available at the beginning of each month. For the ERA-interim, they are made available when the ECMWF database has been updated.
Displacements are computed in the Center-of-Mass (CM) reference frame.

More information can be found in the readme.pdf document.
Site displacements, respectively time-variable gravity, are written according to the EPHEDISP and AGRA formats.
A similar product (atmospheric loading using NCEP Reanalysis and IB assumption) has been made available by Leonid Petrov: http://astrogeo.org/ & http://gemini.gsfc.nasa.gov/

If you use this time series in your analysis, please cite:

Petrov, L., and J.-P. Boy, 2004. Study of the atmospheric pressure loading signal in VLBI observations, J. Geophys. Res., 109, B03405, doi: 10.1029/2003JB002500.