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Surface tilts
(atmosphere, ocean, hydrology)

We provide here tilt variations due to atmospheric (ECMWF operational or reanalysis models) and induced oceanic response (Inverted Barometer or TUGO-m barotropic ocean model), as well as hydrological (GLDAS/Noah v1, MERRA-land and MERRA2) and non-tidal oceanic (ECCO and ECCO2) loading for a selection of sites.
Sites can be added upon request.

Figure 1: Location of the sites where tilt variations are computed.

The site longitude, latitude and names can be found here.

List of data is available here.

Careful, it is not possible to combine ECCO or ECCO2 and ECMWF+TUGO-m loading estimates, as TUGO-m is forced by both pressure and winds. Classical ocean circulation models (such as ECCO and ECCO2) are forced by winds, heat and fresh water fluxes.